Do you LOVE edibles?

How many of you out there have ever tried an edible? They can be a lot more intense than smoking and you can always be sure what you’re getting from the cannabis clubs unless its tested of course! That is why i suggest making your own butter, oil or tincture–so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, this way you are able to get the right dosage down that works for you.

Magical Butter

Well, it’s been over a year and I have traveled all over the country with these chill dudes and let me tell you that the Magical Butter machine is consistent and always produces a perfect base for all of your cooking needs. The possibilities are endless and with a system as easy as “set and forget” its PERFECT for every smoker!

Magical Butter

Let me tell you the four-step process to creating your magical butter!

  • Put in trim of flower. (whole or unground)
  • Set your temperature.(depending on what you’re making)
  • Set your time.(depending on what you’re making)
  • Flip her over and light the bowl
  • Come back and strain when done

If thats not simple enough for you, check out the video I did featuring the Magical Butter machine.

Look at all the Magical treats you can create… There are tons of recipes on the website as well.

Caramel Apples
Pumpkin Soup

Marijuana Chocolate

Simply Set and Forget!

If that’s not the perfect feature for every smoker I don’t know what is!

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You Are Blessed And Highly Favored