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  • Playboy Interview

Playboy Interview

MasterBong talks about the Cannabis Cup and what he does for a living with Yoonj [...]

  • Cashinbis

Cashinbis Interview

If you spot a gentleman with a large wiry afro on his head, a pair [...]

  • MasterBong in Steam Smoke

MasterBong in Steam Smoke

MasterBong makes an appearance in Caseno Money's latest music video released by 2 Suave Entertainment [...]

  • Nectar Collector by VAPED

Micro Nectar Collector by Vaped Review

MasterBong drops in with a video review of the Micro Nectar Collector by [...]

  • Boveda Packs by Med-Fresh

Boveda Packs by Med-FRESH Review

I know that everyone out there who smokes has faced the challenge of your weed [...]

  • Beyond Buds

Beyond Buds Review

I don't know how many of you have read an Ed Rosenthal book before, but [...]