Playboy Interview

MasterBong talks about the Cannabis Cup and what he does for a living with Yoonj Kim from Playboy.

Cashinbis Interview

If you spot a gentleman with a large wiry afro on his head, a pair of large shades over his eyes, a snazzy glass bong gripped in one hand, and a smile across his face that is bigger than a kid could even attempt... you have crossed paths with the infamous radio personality, MasterBong, 'The [...]

MasterBong in Steam Smoke

MasterBong makes an appearance in Caseno Money's latest music video released by 2 Suave Entertainment called Steam Smoke. Check it out! 2 Suave Entertainment @2SuaveEnt Caseno Money @casenomoney Holiday The Hustla @Penny_Holiday

Orange County Southern Smoke Edition

MasterBong is hooking up with DJ Smallz and 2 Suave Entertainment to drop a mix tape titled "Orange County Southern Smoke Edition" featuring Holiday the Hustla, No Soda, Miscellaneous, 8Ball and Too Deep. Listen to the full version of Lawd Have Mercy here 2 Suave Entertainment @2SuaveEnt DJ Smallz @DJSmallz Holiday The Hustla @Penny_Holiday No [...]

What is the True Cost of Cannabis Prohibition?

When one considers the massive amount of media coverage that has focused upon the ever-increasing number of locales around the world which now adopt a more enlightened, civilised approach to cannabis regulation, it becomes easy to forget about the inequalities and persecution which still run rampant in this day and age... America's Great Cannabis Contradiction [...]

So Far Weed Wins Over Gambling in the U.S.

In a recent article on, writer Phil Hevener wrote "[Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark] Lipparelli and others that speculate the willingness of the Obama administration to help marijuana merchants can probably be explained as a function of numbers. They look at Internet gaming and don't yet see an opportunity that's big enough to [...]

From Vegas to a Photo Shoot

Just stepped off a plane from Vegas and BAM I'm doing this photo shoot my Amazing assistant set up!!! Steph you know I love you for all of your assisting :) We had a blast and it was a beautiful sunny day in the Bay Area. I love how the location we were going to [...]

From the Bay to Amsterdam

It has always been on my bucket list to go to Amsterdam, walk into a coffee shop and order some weed to smoke, grab a table with the homies and BLAZE up! You know thats exactly what we did out there! But that was only the beginning of our adventure... It doesn't stop there my [...]

MasterBong Live on the Stoner Jesus Show

Master Bong and Robert Blunt live from Amsterdam, Tommy from Marijuana Heroes and Mike Stanton of Kentucky Weed Radio!

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