Micro Nectar Collector by Vaped Review

MasterBong drops in with a video review of the Micro Nectar Collector by Vaped Luxury Vaporizers. Listen to him give you the rundown on the uses and benefits of the Micro Nectar Collector, and then watch him demonstrate how to use it for you! Get your Micro Nectar Collector Visit Vaped Luxury Vaporizers [...]

Boveda Packs by Med-FRESH Review

I know that everyone out there who smokes has faced the challenge of your weed getting too dry, especially in states like Colorado! Ultimately it doesn't matter where you live, we have all had the misfortune of going to smoke our precious herb and it breaks down into powder. This is great if you are [...]

Beyond Buds Review

I don't know how many of you have read an Ed Rosenthal book before, but they have been a staple in both mine and my friends lives growing up and we have always learned something from Ed when it comes to the garden and everything thats happening in the Cannabis Industry, especially Medical Marijuana. Everyone [...]

Naked Glass Review

The first time I met Daniel was at Champs in Vegas during the Glass Demolition Derby we had a great conversation and exchanged contact info and said we would link up and get something going with Naked Glass and MasterBong but like so many stoners, we never followed up... Then of course the universe provided [...]

Magical Butter Review

Do you LOVE edibles? How many of you out there have ever tried an edible? They can be a lot more intense than smoking and you can always be sure what you're getting from the cannabis clubs unless its tested of course! That is why i suggest making your own butter, oil or tincture--so you [...]

The Knockout Pipe Review

The FIRST thing I have to say about the KO Pipe is get ready to PARTY!!! So when I met these guys in Colorado we were at the High Times Cannabis Cup and we linked up after. It was then that I got to experience the KO Pipe. I don't drink that much beer but [...]

SDR Tornado F5 Percolator Review

Yes my name is MasterBong so obviously I love smoking out of bongs. Whenever I can get my hands on some new glass I'm definitely going to give it a try and who else should I let know what I'm thinking than you! The internet is a BIG place and I was blessed to come [...]

710 Kan Review

Dabius Maximus aka MasterBong here with a review on the 710 Kan. So you already know that I stay traveling around the country hitting up events, linking with new companies and smoking out all day! I am very judgmental of any product I look at and use but suspend all those assumptions until I try [...]

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review

Ma-ma-MasterBong here with a quick review on the NEW Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci. They pride themselves on Purity, Innovation and Style so lets take a look into what they mean. I always pay attention to how something is packaged because in my mind if its a GREAT product Cannabis related or not I feel it [...]

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