The first time I met Daniel was at Champs in Vegas during the Glass Demolition Derby we had a great conversation and exchanged contact info and said we would link up and get something going with Naked Glass and MasterBong but like so many stoners, we never followed up… Then of course the universe provided space for a collaboration to be created when we ran into each other at the following Champs in Vegas! This time we were going follow through with our original commitments and thus for we are here now and I am sharing this amazing Naked Glass Exclusive piece with you.

MasterBong presents his Naked Glass piece

It definitely took some time to get the piece to the house due to a shipping company I won’t name… but it was 100% worth the wait my friends, let me tell you! This bad boy has a Fucking amazing Frit Disk that creates a super suction vortex when you hit it. I’ve taken some massive dabs out of this piece and I appreciate the hit every time. By the way, they gave me a dope 18mil bowl that you can use to smoke flower as well if that’s how you’re feeling.

Naked Glass
Naked Glass Bowl
Naked Glass

I don’t usually use this for flower, but of course I had to give it a try since they gave me the bowl to go with it. I’m always smoking flower and I always test everything out that people give me so this time would be no different 🙂

I also appreciate the attention to detail with the orange crushed glass on the mouth piece and how the mouth piece can come out. It made it a lot easier to clean out and that is something I definitely appreciate because I am always cleaning my rigs, bongs and pipes.

Crushed Orange Glass
Crushed Orange Glass

If you want to connect with Naked Glass, you can check out their website and also on social media as well. They are great people and always welcoming to everyone from my personal experience with them. They have always shown me love and appreciation for what I do and I feel the same way for what they got going on!


MasterBong and Naked Glass

Stay Blessed,

ps: Stay tuned for the next review who knows what well be going over together!